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Santos Psychotherapy

Providing Effective Psychological Therapy in
West Yorkshire and Online

Hi, I'm Anjelena and I'm glad you're here 

I'm a BABCP Accredited Integrative Psychotherapist, with over 15 years experience across various NHS settings as well as Private practice.


I know that to get to this point you would have done some serious soul searching, so well done for taking this step.

Life can feel overwhelming at times and despite your best efforts, you're still feeling stuck, not able to shake the feeling of not being good enough, with fear of failure restricting you and making your life feel small and incredibly stressful. 

You would like to believe that you can live a more balanced and present life, where you're able to lean more on others in time of need, to help your load feel lighter. To have more moments of calm, contentment and connection. I can relate, as I've been there myself - so I know that this life is possible.

I value the unique co-creation process of working together and providing guidance to help you process key difficult experiences that may be keeping you stuck, develop new perspectives and ways of coping, in order to make meaningful and life-long change.

We will take things at your pace and figure things out together to nurture and build a more fulfilling life you deserve


Through highly personalised sessions, I draw on several therapeutic approaches I've been trained in, which include;


-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

-Trauma-Focused CBT

-Acceptance Commitment Therapy

-Compassion Focused Therapy

- Cognitive Processing Therapy

-Motivational Interviewing

- Mindfulness - Based Cognitive Therapy

- Somatic Interventions
(meaning more emphasis is placed on the mind-body connection to help bridge the gap between physical and emotional experiences and processes).  

-Polyvagal Interventions (developing self-awareness and understanding of our nervous system’s responses to stress and overwhelm and promoting self-regulation techniques in connection to the Vagus nerve.)

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Postgraduate Diploma in High Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Royal Holloway University

Postgraduate Diploma in Low Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Interventions - University College London

MSc Clinical and Forensic Psychology - Kings College London

BSc in Psychology and Counselling -Roehampton University



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Free Brief Consultation

I believe the most powerful therapeutic element is our connection with each other. So ensuring we are a good fit is integrative to making life changing progress happen.

A Free 15 minute call gives us both an opportunity to see if we think we could work well together and whether the approaches I draw upon are well suited to what you're hoping to get out of therapy

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Assessment Appointment

The purpose of the assessment is to understand your current difficulties and to create a personalised treatment plan. After the assessment has been completed, we will decide on whether it is clinically appropriate to proceed into psychological therapy. Where appropriate, you may also be provided with a range of resources and information on other services.

The cost of an assessment appointment

(up to 75 minutes) is £100.

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Continuing Sessions

I offer Online appointments, using a confidential video platform. Sessions are available to book Monday to Friday; mornings and afternoons. Please enquire if you require an appointment outside of these times


If we agree to work together following the assessment, you can book a 60-minute session. Where clinically indicated, 90-minute sessions are also available.

Sessions up to 60 minutes are £80

 Sessions up to 90 minutes are £120


Anjelena is lovely. She struck the perfect balance of professionalism and being real and treating you like a person, being friendly, not cold and like you`re just a patient. She was so insightful and helpful and I just can`t say enough how great she is.


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