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                                      My Story

I’m deeply invested in helping you break free from self-limiting beliefs stemming from painful past experiences and learn new ways to be present in every day life, re-connecting with yourself and others in a more authentic and meaningful way.


Having personally navigated the journey that many of my clients embark on, I have a profound understanding of the struggle my client’s face after growing up or finding themselves in situations where they felt unsafe, unseen, powerless or unworthy.


I hence made it my life’s purpose very early on, to become a therapist. To educate myself in understanding how trauma impacts our beliefs about ourselves, others and the world. How trauma impacts our brain, body, nervous system,  and inevitably, shapes the way we relate to ourselves and others. After over a decade of intentional investment in my own journey with personal therapy, mindfulness and yoga practice; I value a more holistic, whole-person approach to trauma recovery. This is reflected in my highly personalised sessions, where more emphasis is placed on the mind-body connection; to nurture a deeper processing of past painful emotional experiences, developing new perspectives and new tools and coping startegies, to enable long-lasting personal shifts and growth. 

My clients tell me I offer a safe, non-judgemental and warm space. That working with me is supportive whilst also having moments of being (gently) challenged exposing new perspectives and new ways of relating to yourself and the world around you. My clients often find it a relief to feel that their therapist is also a fellow traveller on a healing journey of their own. 



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